1960. A decade without data plans, selfie-sticks and cameras on and angled, but a decade captured all the same. Captured in its cars, its film, its clothes, its music, its food and in its images.

Which makes me think this fine morning about the icons of that generation and the striking occurrence of how many of them are captured on bicycles. You've seen them… John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Paul McCartney, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, the entire Von Trapp family . Contrast these cultural icons with the trendsetters of this generation. Anyone riding? Beuller…?

Do these images exist? Sure, or I'll lean toward a maybe given the constant snapping habits of today's culture. Are they as common as they were in 1960? Arguably and regrettably, I think no.

Boston currently has a growing demand for professionals who teach kids to ride bicycles. This niche caters to parents who either feel they lack the skill set, patience, time, or simply don't know how to ride a bike themselves. It's awesome with a dash of "What?". We had a generation five deep breaths away that captured the exciting, awesome, chic, and necessary culture of two wheel travel. Let's saddle up and follow.

This weekend, dedicate part of your time to 1960 and ride your bike like a cultural icon. And of course, take a picture, put it on Instagram and tag me. Enjoy the ride.