sharing the culture of two wheel travel
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Bellecycle is a movement that began in Amsterdam in 2016 over a glass of red wine. Founded by Tiffany Mannion, bellecycle is committed to sharing the culture of two-wheel travel. Since its inception, Tiffany has bicycled nearly 6000 miles in seven different countries. Join the movement and be part of the ride.


I can’t begin to tell you what every cyclist needs to have under the tree.  It’s neither my style or my place. I have three sisters, and I would not dare to try to put us all in the same outfit. But I can tell you what I ride with all the time in the hope that it can lend some experience to any gifting uncertainly you may be struggling with this season if you have the great fortune to have a bicyclist in your life. Here is my short list of what I’ve tested out on the byways and highways. I’ve listed them in order of stocking-stuffer to engagement gift.  

Glossier Balm Doctor  It smells like a garden and lasts all day keeping delicate areas protected from the winter whistling winds. 

Ibex Mittens I love these mittens, love the company, and love having feeling in my fingers to use my brakes and shift.

Yakkay Helmets This is about fusing function with form. I like their style, my family likes my head protected. 

Westward Leaning Sunglasses I ride with glasses on all the time. Not just to keep the sun out of my eyes, but to keep rain, sleet, insects, and random things that fly through the air.  

Esperanza Workshop Dorothy Tote This is my go-to. Coated with beeswax, it is waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, fashionable, and just flat-out awesome. I never travel without it. 

Gazelle Bicycle I love these. Obviously. I love their history, their craftsmanship, and their style. Largely unknown in the United States, Gazelle is the market leader in the Netherlands, where cyclists outnumber automobiles on the road.