Ride Along

It is 24 degrees outside.  Fahrenheit.  I’ve got a mug of mocha and fourteen layers on . . . and I’m inside. And in this down time, referring both to my inability to ride and my down pillow, comforter, and jackets, I turn my attention to the spring.

Vitamin D. Grass. Salt water. Apple blossoms. Forsythia.

But in no time at all, the lawnmowers will be out, along with black flies, tulips, and signs for free kittens. And I’ll be riding through backwoods and downtown neighborhoods old and new.  Sucking in that deep, moist green of spring, the stifling, sweating heat of summer, and the wild, mushroomed changing fall and pedaling my winter sausage weight off.  

Exactly one year ago, bellecycle grew from an idea in Amsterdam with an aunt, a niece, and a glass of red wine. It became a movement dedicated to sharing the culture of two-wheel travel. And that movement is changing, evolving and inviting. It’s adding, simply enough, “Ride Along” and is your opportunity to grab your bike and join bellecycle. From day trips to long weekends, Montreal to Manhattan, we are setting up the details and can’t wait to share in the coming weeks.

Steady on. Order seeds for your garden. Keep warm. And think about where your bike can take you in 2017.