sharing the culture of two wheel travel
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Bellecycle is a movement that began in Amsterdam in 2016 over a glass of red wine. Founded by Tiffany Mannion, bellecycle is committed to sharing the culture of two-wheel travel. Since its inception, Tiffany has bicycled nearly 6000 miles in seven different countries. Join the movement and be part of the ride.

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The First 100 Miles

Great news! My tailbone is really feeling great from my freak accident riding on the ice. Who knew . . . More great news . . . I’m riding again, and I’m sore. Sore from pedaling through mud up to my rims as the paths thaw. Sore from putting my sausage and bacon winter weight on my sits bones. Sore from battling the spring wind just down from the Tundra. I rode three days last week, four this week, and kept wondering if that person from last year was going to get my bike out and get on it and ride without complaint. She did not. Stubborn and churlish.

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