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North America



This is a curated list of bicycle rides, some created exclusively for bellecycle, others vetted for their sense of awesome inspiration.  


north america

Farm to Fork Fondo

Maine | New Gloucester

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Taste the bounty of both the land and the sea as you ride through Maine - where forest meets shore in rocky coastlines that echo the rugged determination of its farming community.

85 Miles | 55 miles | 35 miles | 10 miles

August 24 - 25, 2018

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Farm to Fork Fondo

Massachusetts | The Berkshires

Experience a distinctive culinary movement in the Berkshires - where farms and restaurants long ago created a world-class food culture together by committing to using local seasonal ingredients.

80 miles | 50 miles | 30 miles | 10 miles

September 29 - 30, 2018

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Patriot Ride

Massachusetts | Concord to Boston

Start at the Old North Bridge and follow the sound of the fife and drum into the heart of Boston and back. With stops to commemorate our sweet, hard-fought freedom, indulge in special treats for breakfast, lunch and libations.

bellecycle exclusive | 40 miles 

May 26, 2018 | September 8, 2018

Covered bridges

New Hampshire | Swanzey

Spend a day in the heart of the Monadnock region. . Join in the celebration of small and pedal yourself back in time.

bellecycle exclusive | 20 miles | $25

 July 7 | August 4 | September 1| October 6


Farm to Fork Fondo

New York | Hudson Valley

Escape to rows of rich black fields standing guard like soldiers against the pressure of the world's most iconic urban landscape. Breathe deeply as you pedal through the beautiful rural region that has been supplying food to the masses for centuries.

80 miles | 50 miles | 35 miles | 10 miles

June 9 - 10, 2018

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Farm to Fork Fondo

New York | Finger Lakes

Glaciers carved the perfect conditions centuries ago for your breathtaking ride and the cultivation of the wine and cheese you'll sample along the way.

80 miles | 50 miles | 40 miles | 7 miles

August 10 - 11, 2018

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Farm to Fork Fondo

Vermont | Champlain Islands

Stunning lake and mountain views, quaint villages, quiet meandering roads, fresh and fantastic local foods -- this is Vermont, the heart of the small farm movement.

85 miles | 55 miles | 30 miles | 7 miles

July 21 - 22, 2018

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